Residential On-Site Service


Too busy to come to us? Let the friendly, experienced technicians at Computer Repair of Des Moines bring the repair shop to you!

Your home should be a place of leisure and ease. If you find yourself getting frustrated by your computer, printer, or home network, it’s time to call Computer Repair of Des Moines. We’ll come directly to you with a simple, cost-effective solution to get your devices working like they should – smoothly and trouble-free.

Our expert technicians are here to help. We’ll perform the work on-site, or for more advanced issues, bring your computer safely to our shop for service. 

In addition to computer repair, our technicians can also assist with:

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In-Home Tech Support Services


Let Computer Repair of Des Moines come to you! We can assist you with in-home diagnostic services and repairs, as well as setting up your personal Wi-Fi network, printers/scanners, and configure your media center for ease of use. Just about anything that can be done at our Seattle repair shops, can also be done right in the comfort of your home!

If your computer issue is a little more complicated and needs to be fixed up back at our shop, we offer pickup and delivery services as well. We’ll even reconnect everything for you once the repair is complete!

Business Tech Support Services


Not every business needs – or can afford – a permanent IT department, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the benefits of quality on-site service. From server troubles to misbehaving workstations, companies of every size will routinely encounter computer problems that can impact productivity and revenue if not dealt with promptly.

With on-site tech support for businesses, you’ll never have to worry about the minutia of computers and networking again. We also offer ongoing support plans, which can be far less expensive than hiring full-time IT staff.

Why Choose Computer Repair of Des Moines for Apple Repair in Des Moines and Ames Iowa?

As certififed Apple Repair Technicians,  Computer Repair of Des Moines is committed to following all the repair guidelines, supports and the value offered by Apple to every customer and our community. Computer Repair of Des Moines isn’t restricted by the rules and regulations that Apple places on its Apple Authorized Service Providers. We’re able to perform repairs and data recovery on machines that other technicians might simply write off and replace. Our normal Apple repair turnaround time is 1-2 days depending on the issue of the device. As opposed to 5-7 days at Apple retail store.

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